Deer Action Group

The Deer Action Group (D.A.G.S.E) provides a free service to land owners in Southern England who require management, conservation and control of deer on their land. Land assessments are carried out with both physical surveys and utilising trail cameras to monitor activity.

Cull targets are planned with a view to herd management and maintaining the health of the herd. We do not take trophy animals unless they are old or ill. The focus is mainly on breeding does and yearlings to manage herd size and the removal of low quality bucks to keep a strong blood line.

We can provide a mid week only service if the land is required for other use at weekends and of course a weekend only service if the land is being worked during the week. We will also assist in the upkeep of the rides, fences and gates and provide security support with regular site visits if required.

We currently offer deer management services in Kent, Surrey and Sussex and are available to assist land and woodland owners with the protection of their trees, crops and livestock.  All stalkers are fully insured, minimum 25 years’ experience or DSC1 / 2 levels of training. Trainees are fully supervised by suitably qualified and experienced stalkers.

With the benefit of a 5 star food hygiene rating, and a Plumpton Collage Butchery training course, we can now offer venison, skinned & butchered delivered to our land owners.

Safety & the welfare of the animal are our primary concern. Whilst the culling of such a beautiful animal is always an emotive subject, the works of groups like D.A.G.S.E. must be seen in the wider context of conservation. Keeping herds down to sensible sizes will reduce the impact on the land, reduce migration related accidents and maintain the health & welfare of this most magnificent beast.

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