Doe at Pond Seat Old Cops


Having broken my duck at Old Cops the week before, I put Pete in the main ride high seat so he had the best chance of a shot from the position we had seen the most deer. I set up in the Metal High seat on the pond and was frankly just waiting for a shot to ring out from Pete.

To my amazement at about 8.00am I noticed a half dozen does moving through the wood to my right. The group were spread out through the wood up to the main ride and I thought if I waited for one of the group to the rear the herd might move off in Pete’s direction, so I waited patiently for them to move across in front of me.

After a few moments one of the deer crossed no more than 20m away from me. I had been tracking it through my scope and she stopped and looked straight at me in the high seat. I felt it likely she could spook at any second taking the herd with her so I took the shot head on with the 243 BT just above the eye line.

She dropped on the spot and the herd stopped and stared. I could have taken a second deer but again I was hoping they would move off towards Pete as I didn’t have room in the chiller at the moment and if Pete got one as well wed be struggling for room in the car.

Instead I got out my phone and took some video of the 30 strong herd.