FIrst Deer at Old Cops

It felt like a long time coming but in the end it was worth the wait. On a cold December day, I walked down to the main ride high seat at Old Cops and set up for the morning before work. Pete and Olli had seen a small herd on the main ride the weekend before so I was hopeful of a result after four weeks of trying hard and achieving little. I had arrived at 5:30 in the dark and by 8.15am the cold was seeping into my bones. I heard the distinctive note of a chain saw starting up to my right letting me know the forestry workers had arrived and It was time for me to get off to work as well.

I started to pack away my things when some movement caught my eye to my left. Six does emerged from just past the holly and crossed the ride. Being left handed it was an awkward angle, but I quickly had the crosshairs on the back of this does head and took the shot from about 30m as she paused at the top of the far bank.

The sense of relief at finally breaking my duck at Old Cops was enormous. Having seen deer here at every visit and not yet having one in a position to take a shot I had been getting a bit down, but this doe in excellent condition has proven that patience is a virtue.IMAG0566