How We Help

The Deer Action Group was set up to provide a free service to land owners in Southern England who require management, conservation and control of deer on their land.

What we offer landowners:

  • Safety – A full risk assessment will be carried out and a method statement produced unique to each site showing boundaries, safe shot angles and restrictions. Where walk and stalk is unsuitable we will position high seats to provide safe shot angles.


  • Humane – Members and trainees must demonstrate adequate shooting ability to a minimum DSC1 standard before being allowed to shoot a deer. All members are first supervised during a cull to ensure their conduct is suitable to the human dispatch of the animal.


  • Efficiency – Working as a group we coordinate our culls to maximise numbers taken. We rapidly respond to provide assistance. Many times more effectively than an individual stalker or a government body.


  • Discretion – We use moderated rifles and generally operate an hour or two before dawn and dusk. A management plan is agreed with land owners as are times of our visits. We keep them fully informed of our results. Landowners appreciate the security of knowing when we are on site and having some extra protection against rural crime.

 We are also able to assist with other wildlife e. g  fox, pigeon, rabbit and squirrel, as well as other woodland management issues.

If you have a stalker/gamekeeper in situ, then we would we glad to discuss how we could work with them on your site and offer them and you other opportunities within our group.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your deer problems.