New Low Seat & New High Seat

2016-03-28 16.23.53

The Low Seat at Imberley is a fantastic spot but dammed uncomfortable so I thought id build a platform big enough for two to take full advantage of the location. Please note you need a collapsible chair when you go. I have put a gun rail and two raised sections on the platform so depending on your collapsible seat height I hope you will have a comfortable gun rest.

Sadly no trade mark “Chasey coffee shelf” 😀 so you will have to make do with the old low seat bench 😀

2016-03-28 16.23.36

Over at the Farm

The high seat in the lower field has seen better days. I rescued one of the older metal high seats from the now defunct Convent permision and altered it with a few lengths of 6X3 I had knocking arround to make it free standing. Its less than ideal but a lot more comfortable than the other option.


2016-02-18 12.25.35